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Rapid Rehousing Program

The Rapid Rehousing program is a short-term, intensive program intended for clients who are ready to begin investing in their future immediately.  This program is client-driven with case manager assistance, facilitation, and support.

The Our Daily Rest Rapid Rehousing (RRH) Program’s overall objective is to swiftly move homeless clients/households into permanent housing and facilitate their stabilization.  As such, the RRH program is key for our local community to address homelessness.  The program provides temporary assistance that quickly moves clients that are experiencing literal homelessness into permanent housing while also providing time-limited supports for client stabilization.  Adhering to a ‘Housing First’ philosophy, the RRH program aids without imposing eligibility restrictions such as sobriety, employment or income, criminal background, or tenancy-eviction history.  Serving a variety of target populations, such as families with or without children, veterans with or without children, or unaccompanied youth, the RRH program operates under three core components: 1) Housing Identification, 2) Rent & Move-In Assistance, and 3) Case Management Services.

Case management begins at ODR RRH Program enrollment and continues for up to six months.  Case management services assist with (to name a few) household stabilization, identifying and connecting with community-based support systems, financial management, time management, and helping resolve issues associated with the client’s housing unit and/or landlord.  Additionally, the RRH program and case management is tailored according to clients’ needs, fostering a customized approach.  This allows for personalized assistance such as varying amount and duration of case management, move-in financial assistance, and overall length of program participation.

For more information please contact 482-2040 extension 105.

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