Each client who comes through our doors is more than the sum of their circumstances or a statistic. Every client represents a unique set of events that led to homelessness. Each client has a story, that is completely their own, and is worth telling. Through a little compassion, a strong support system at Our Daily Rest, and hard work, the stories below tell the inspiring tales of our real clients who have embraced rehabilitation and hope.

*The stories featured below are the real stories of actual clients, however, names have been altered to protect the privacy of each individual. 



"Damon" was a man who was not so different from many of us. He had a wife, home, and children, but he struggled with an alcohol addiction that eventually led to the end of his marriage and him being kicked out. When "Damon" came to us, he had just completed a rehabilitation program, and found himself homeless with debt and court costs. 

We knew that for "Damon" to become successfully independent, he had to have his own source of income. We were able to help him get a job locally, and "Damon" was more than willing to put in the work. While at our facility, he pitched in and helped with chores, attended his case work, and financial obligations. 

Even after a relative squandered his saved money instead of paying debts on his behalf, he began saving again, setting deadlines for himself, and working even harder to help himself. 

We're proud to say that "Damon" completed our program in 6 months. He paid off his debts, saved to move out on his own and walks to work everyday. "Damon" is now happy, healthy, and living a successful independent life. 


"Trish" came to us as she fled an abusive relationship. Fearing for her own safety, and the safety of her children, "Trish" fled, and suddenly became homeless. 

Employment is an essential step in the ODR journey, so we made sure daycare was available to her children as we showed her how to navigate applications, become employed, and use her money wisely. And as "Trish" worked each step, she held herself accountable to the goals she had set. Before long, we discovered that "Trish" was encouraging other ODR clients with children. 

"Trish" saved the money she made, and found a new home. Ready for the most inspiring part of her story? She then gave extended help and housing to another mother in need. "Trish" remains successfully employed and is passionate about helping others on the cycle of success.

Kids Swinging
Women Voting


After the father of her child became abusive, "Laurie" quickly found herself without a place to call home and with a 6 month old in tow. This was not the life "Laurie" wanted and she was more than willing to be coached on financial responsibility and parenting. We provided her access to day care and she quickly secured work at a local restaurant. 

"Laurie" worked hard to graduate from our program and create a happy and healthy life for her and her baby. We're happy to report that "Laurie" is now engaged to be married, and owns a successful small business with her husband-to-be.